Editorial Fee Structure

Holiday Gift Special - $250
[Yearly from Thanksgiving to Martin Luther King Jr. Day]

Manuscript Evaluation (see below) combined with our Manuscript to Bound Book Service Consultation.

No matter where you are in the writing process, this service prepares you to submit your manuscript to agents, editors or publishers, to self-publish your book, or to enter into a cooperative publishing agreement with LCN Publishing.

After you receive the Manuscript Evaluation, you are not obligated to use any of our subsequent services for editorial, design, marketing or administrative support. But, you will still receive our Bound Book Service Consultation for up to 10 months.

If you have any questions, please contact us at lcnpublishing <at> gmail.com. 


Customized packages - available for authors who are self-publishing, or contracted (on deadline).

Editorial packages - for unpublished authors or manuscript not under contract.


Manuscript Evaluation
$250 for first 40 Pages; $2.50 each additional page
Evaluate the first 3 chapters or 40 pages of a manuscript. Give detailed line-by-line feedback, and an overview of how to proceed with the rest of the manuscript.

General Editing
$500 for first 200 pages; $2.50 each additional page. ONE ROUND of Edits.
Line Editing for entire manuscript. Goal is to address the writer’s writing, enhance technical acumen, while providing only a broad overview of grammar issues.

General Editing Plus
$1000 for first 200 pages; $2.50 each additional page. TWO ROUNDS of Edits.
Same guidelines as General Editing, plus re-reading of changes made after the first round of edits – within one year.

Nonfiction Proposal Editing
$750 for Proposal and First 3 Chapters, for 3 Months. Total package not to exceed 75 pages.
$250 each additional month.
$2.50 each additional page.

Help Develop Nonfiction submission package for authors to submit to literary agents and publishers.
Book Doctoring
$750 plus $250 per month for up to a 10-month period.

Base of 300 pages; $2.50 each additional page.
Manuscript Development and Extensive Editing.
Goal: help author complete a manuscript to present to literary agents and publisher. Includes Proposal and/or Query Letter.

Case by case.
Write a book for an Author from his notes, audio recordings and/or my own research.

Please use this format:
·         One-inch margins all around
·         Double space
·         Your name and book's title every page (header)
·         Page numbers every page (footer) 

Contact Guichard Cadet - lcnpublishing <at> gmail.com