Review: First Reformed Directed by Paul Schrader

First Reformed; Director: Paul Schrader; Release date: May 2018 

Film Shorts

FIRST REFORMED: Liberation Theology for the Earth from its polluters; perverse beauty that can only be qualified as art. It is the type of movie created to win an Academy Award, mainly in hopes that it can reach a wider audience. 

That and being a fan of Ethan Hawke's work are the reasons I gave it a shot.

The first twenty minutes put up a stylistic barrier in the way the film is shot, visually and aurally. Along with those elements, it comes off as an essay, a propagandist's play...but then the black people come in, with Cedric The Entertainer playing the role as lead pastor of a Mega Church. 

I'll stop here...just because....

Strongly Recommended, especially if you enjoy art house, indie films and the like.

Recommendation: HIGH


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet