Review: Hunters Created by David Weil; Amazon Prime

Hunters Created by David Weil; Amazon Prime; First episode date: February 21, 2020
Television Shorts

HUNTERS Season 1:

Oft-times a piece of art portrays or aims to speak for a people who has been victimized. When said group rejects the work for valid reasons, that criticism, that rejection must be taken into account. When viewing HUNTERS, I carried what Jewish groups were saying about the show, to see, not so much to see whether I could counter that claim but to see why the creator of the work felt the need to use that template.

Unfortunately, Hunters fell way short. For much of the viewing, it was a matter of it reaching a 7 on a scale of 10.

It was a bit too sprawling for me. It had great potential but too many genres and side-laughs derailed the story. And the final episode, which I kept hoping they didn't take that turn, ruined whatever hope I was holding onto.

At its best, Hunters gave great parallels to the division of those who inhabit America's two-party system. Unfortunately, the lack of backstory for many major-minor characters forced the action to revolve around a single plot where the outcome was predicable.

At its worst, Hunters is a mess that could have worked better had the creators not mixed various genres and formats into the same episodes.

Recommendation: MEDIUM

Reviewed by Guichard Cadet