Review: The Last Black Man in San Francisco Directed by Joe Talbot

The Last Black Man in San Francisco Directed by Joe Talbot; Release date: June 2019

Film Shorts

THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO: a great movie. It puts itself beyond a critic's touch. It doesn't ask for laughter. It doesn't ask for tears. It clearly states there is no plot, so in essence there are no expectations. This allows the film to provide shots after shots of representations (symbols) the viewer can freely interpret.

Yet, after each scene, there are no hard stances to take on situations or characters that other films force a viewer to cheer or hate. On its most direct line, The Last Black Man In San Francisco (TLBMISF) is about displacement via neighborhood gentrification, the generational changes that San Francisco has gone through. There are evident takes on race, white people, real estate agents, drugs and its victims and, of course, street dudes, being that it is a movie about black men.

The latter is where TLBMISF hits the bull's eye and why the film should find an audience that helps it become a cultural reference point the way other movies that portrayed the friendships and interactions between black males.

Recommendation: HIGHEST

Reviewed by Guichard Cadet