Review: Maniac Created by Patrick Somerville; Netflix

Maniac (Television Series); Created by Patrick Somerville; Netflix, First episode date: September 21, 2018; Based on work by Espen PA Lervaag

Television Shorts


I struggled to get through this series, with each of the ten episodes taking me more than one seating to finish. 

I battled through it because it provided originality in storytelling structure, which is something I take points off from other media presentations. I also wanted to see how the series treated its core topic of mental health.

In that aspect there are low points and highlights. MANIAC starts by, possibly inadvertently, differentiating between the brain and the mind. There are the sufferers and the doctors -- psychiatrists and therapists -- aiming to find cures. The early episodes' pacing mirrors the two main attributes of mental health diagnosis: manic and depressive, via the main characters.

The series then hops through many genres over the next set of episodes while a sci-fi laboratory space station-like setting anchors the journey.

I don't really get into quirky and though the overall story has a firm grasp on aspects of mental health, the takeaways are frivolous. Viewing is your option and if you do, please let me know your take.

Recommendation: NONE


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet