Review: Bodyguard Created by Jed Mercurio; BBC

Bodyguard (Television Series); Created by Jed Mercurio; BBC, First episode date: August 26, 2018

Television Shorts

"I'm not a sucker so I don't need a "Bodyguard". "It Takes Two" hours or was it minutes to determine this was standard fare. 

It really was a checklist: Vet with PTSD; Muslim Bombers; White Knight Syndrome; Broken Marriage with Two Kids...LMAO

I really could go on but at the same time what saves this show is that things go left often enough that it fools you into thinking it would break the mold. 

I also got a kick out of a British lead whose accent indicated he was not a Yoo-Niver-City graduate. 

Six Epsiodes/Hours...let me know what you think.

Recommendation: LOW-MEDIUM


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet