Review: Tell Me You Love Me Created by Cynthia Mort; HBO

Tell Me You Love Me (Television Series); Created by Cynthia Mort; HBO; First episode date: September 9, 2007
Television Shorts


A show about sex in relationships that could have been much better had it not featured so many sex scenes with nudity. TMYLM covers four relationships at different maturity and age stages. 

First: you have twenty-somethings questioning monogamy as they head into marriage. 

Next: you have thirty-somethings with a great sex life but infertility issues, as well as daddy issues on both sides. 

Third: you have forty-somethings with two kids and who have hit a deep valley of no sex.

Lastly : you have their therapist who is in her sixties, happily married after having been through all of these stages.

The writing and acting is great throughout but TMYLM lasted only one season even though I think it is very useful for couples and singles alike.

Recommendation: MEDIUM
Moderate because it's only 10 episodes, roughly 10 hours of your time.


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet