Review: See You Yesterday Directed by Stefon Bristol; Netflix

See You Yesterday Directed by Stefon Bristol; Netflix; Release date: May 2019
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***SPOILERS light***

I watched this last night without ever reading a review, watching the trailer, etc...I wanted to be surprised. At first, it was a pleasant surprise for the broad representation of black folks, especially Caribbean, particularly Guyana; Bronx, Brooklyn (Flatbush and Crown Heights). 

I immediately took a liking to the two main characters and the story, and could see my child and others like him in them.

...and then it was a bad mix: The Cop Shot The Kid and you still hear him cry. 

Not only did I recognize a pattern that I see in black fiction (mine included), in black life. It's that we cannot escape trauma. We truly are suffering from PTSD. 

This is a story where you wish the filmmakers could go silly like Phineas and Ferb.

Unfortunately this is not us, this is not our life. So I applaud the filmmakers for understanding the struggle, taking on the fight. 



Recommendation: HIGHEST


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet