Review: Always Be My Maybe Directed by Nahnatchka Khan; Netflix

Always Be My Maybe Directed by Nahnatchka Khan; Netflix; Release date: May 2019
Film Shorts


A cute little RomCom that stays true to the formula and satisfies a RomCom fan like myself. 

Though I enjoyed the movie, I found it problematic on two aspects. One, it played way too safe in trying to avoid Asian stereotypes that it removed lots of -- what could be considered -- authenticity.

Two, using black life/culture/people as a support system, with "support system" being my way to not disparage the creators of the film as the use/featuring is meant to be complimentary. 

If you've screened it, chime in and let me know your thoughts. If you haven't, it's worth a viewing.

Recommendation: MEDIUM-HIGH


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet