Review: True Detective Created by Nic Pizzolatto; HBO

True Detective (Television Series); Created by Nic Pizzolatto; HBO; First episode date: January 12, 2014

Television Shorts


First let me start by saying this is a great show. Yet, for whatever reason, it seems nowadays most series, whether thirty minutes or sixty minutes an episode, fall apart or from the pinnacle somewhere between the fourth and sixth episodes.

Though this was also the case here as far as the crime aspect of the show and that portion of the detective work, TRUE DETECTIVE is not really about crime but the detective work as it relates to human existence and our character flaws.

The oft-used yet serious topics such as infidelity and the killing of children and women provide the narrative thread yet are the weakest points. 

Stay for the dialogue and the acting, and the scenery, mainly southern Louisiana, the Bayou, etc....all it needed was an appearance of some sort by Lil Wayne's music, 'cause the F stands for Fantastic.

Recommendation: HIGH


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet