Review: True Detective Created by Nic Pizzolatto; HBO

True Detective (Television Series); Created by Nic Pizzolatto; HBO; First episode date: June 21, 2015
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This season's theme is about revenge and with barely any search for redemption. 

Unlike the previous season that placed two men together in a journey with one facing a moral dilemma and the other an existential crisis, this season is basically a boulder rolling downhill.

TRUE DETECTIVE Season two is basically a western along the lines of TOMBSTONE and THE UNFORGIVEN, and true to form, it has an amazing gunfight. What it lacks in subtlety and originality, as far as criminal topics and detective work, it makes up with a spirited plot.

Just as last season, the actual crime and solving it is the weak point. The acting is superb though it might prove hard to root for or bond with any of the four main characters.

Recommendation: HIGH to HIGHEST


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet