Review: What Happened To Monday Directed by Tommy Wirkola; Netflix

What Happened To Monday; Director: Tommy Wirkola; Netflix; Release date: August  2017
Film Shorts


Great concept and for about two-thirds of the film, I feared they were not going to pull it off. But, they did and well enough to say the mishaps that occurred were the studio's fault. WHTM is sci-fi without a reliance on gadgets. WHTM is dystopian with enough cultural heft that ties into the past and current political climates that there's no need to question its premise. 

What puts it over the edge are some surprises we do not see coming.

The slight low-lights that filter through are due to the writing where there are moments of checking boxes and paint-by-numbers. 

I brush those aside as time-crunch.

Recommendation:  HIGH

Reviewed by Guichard Cadet