Review: Widows Directed by Steve McQueen

Widows; Director: Steve McQueen; Based on work by Lynda La Plante; Release date: November 2018
Film Shorts

WIDOWS: a real good movie. I'd planned on seeing it in theaters because of Viola Davis but got caught up during its first two weeks. By then the reviews came in and both critics and moviegoers were mixed on it so I skipped it. I got a chance to screen it earlier and I see why.

Widows is mainly about the old order falling and some people are ready for that and others are not. The movie is a major departure from the traditional heist movie while holding firm to the constraints that bind us, particularly black and white relations, in love and politics. 

The movie pulls no punches and pretty much kills "all your little darlings", i.e. your misconceptions of what the next plot point will be. Many twists to enjoy.

Recommendation: HIGH


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet