Review: Killing Eve Created by Sally Woodward Gentle; BBC America

Killing Eve (Television Series); Created by Sally Woodward Gentle; BBC America; First episode date: April 8, 2018; Based on work by Luke Jennings

Television Shorts

KILLING EVE Season 1: 

Quirky, and I really don't do "oddball" unless it's just comedy in the vein of Jim Carey (Me, Myself, Irene). 

Killing Eve doesn't go anywhere near that far with its humor. I found the humor unsettling because I love spy (intelligence) shows and films but the numerous killings threw off the balance.

Killing Eve also paired the aforementioned genre with aspects of Behavioral Analysis, another of my favorite genres. KE is a good show that didn't reach greatness for me because I wasn't sure which genre would be fulfilled. 

It is based on a series of novels so I guess I should go read the books...?

At the end, Season 1 finale, it reminded me of LUTHER but with more humor.

Recommendation: MEDIUM-HIGH


Reviewed by Guichard Cadet