Review: Angel Has Fallen Directed by Ric Roman Waugh

Angel Has Fallen Directed by Ric Roman Waugh; Release Date: August 2019
Film Shorts


*Light Spoilers*

Last night I watched Nick Nolte save a film. I watched the movie not knowing it was the third in a series featuring the lead character, played by Gerald Butler.

We often complain about movies that give good to great actors terrible lines and not much to work with. Well, to avoid this, ANGEL HAS FALLEN simply made those actors disappear. 

They knocked Morgan Freeman into a coma. They killed Jada Pinkett Smith. They did something to Lance Reddick so we didn't see him for thirty minutes. And, they made Piper Perabo a housewife, with an infant, who is just waiting to be kidnapped.

The movie was dying a fast death until Nick Nolte waltzed out of the woods, holding a rifle and looking like a mentally-scarred Vietnam War vet. From there, the movie got off the template molded by THE FUGITIVE and tried to set its own path. 

Though, for the most part, it was too late to recapture what could have been a high-stakes thriller that pitted the Secret Service and FBI against a private Black Ops company.

I do plan to watch the first two, as they could be better and the series might just have run its course, though there are two more films reportedly in the development pipeline.

Recommendation: LOW-MEDIUM

Reviewed by Guichard Cadet