Review: Bosch Developed by Eric Overmyer; Amazon Studios

Bosch Developed by Eric Overmyer; Amazon Studios; Based on work by Michael Connelly; First episode date: February 6, 2014
Television Shorts

BOSCH (Season 1):

This series has completed six seasons. I'd heard of it but there are so many cop shows to choose from and Bosch had the look and feel of a typical "network" police procedural drama though it is based on a series of novels.

The first season has lots of potential with a wonderful cast, story lines to explore and relationships to develop. Unfortunately, Bosch is more or less presented as a linear, strong man, character vehicle. The crime being solved is laid out with a few red herrings, none of which are of particular interest. 

Instead, for the bulk of ten episodes, the viewer is asked to sit through an unconvincing cat-and-mouse game that is meant to represent the psychological fault line that drives the lead cop character.

The background music is wonderful. The dialogue is flat. The scenery is beautiful with great shots of LA city and county. There is a yearning for more and perhaps the next seasons bring it to the forefront.

Recommendation: LOW-MEDIUM

Reviewed by Guichard Cadet